Pension modeller

This modeller is for active members of the Unite Pension Scheme.

The modeller is to give you an idea of the benefits you might receive from the Scheme.

The modeller will recreate your benefit statement. You can then change your retirement date and accrual rate in the modeller to see how this might affect your benefits. Your pension will be calculated assuming you retire from active service.

The modeller assumes that you:

  • Are still a contributing member of the Scheme,
  • Have not changed your working hours since 5 April 2020, and
  • Have not changed your accrual rate since 5 April 2020.

We won’t store any details you input into the modeller on our system.

You can find all of your details on your latest Annual Benefit Statement dated 5 April 2020.

Your details

All figures produced by the modeller are approximate and are for illustrative purposes only and do not form a guarantee. Your benefits which are paid will be calculated by our administration team in accordance with the scheme rules using your up to date salary and service information.